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Hotel Hacienda San Ignacio

The San Ignacio de Urbieta hacienda dates from the beginning of the 18th century.

There are no precise data on the founders of the hacienda, although it is suspected that it was the order of the Society of Jesus who dominated the region of the Amatzinac Valley, who began the construction of this beautiful hacienda.

The San Ignacio de Urbieta hacienda dates from the beginning of the 18th century. The oldest recorded date is 1724, however it is suspected that its construction is earlier.

In the region of the Amatzinac Valley, the haciendas have their tentative beginnings since the 16th century, no important latifundia were formed in the Amtazinac Valley during the 16th and 17th centuries. Instead, private landowners and religious institutions, primarily the Society of Jesus, spent the entire 17th century and early 18th century fighting for control of land and water. Only after the first decade of the 17th century did the Jesuits control the land necessary for the formation of a future latifundio.

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Later, after the expulsion of the Jesuits from New Spain in 1767, the San Ignacio Hacienda together with the Santa Clara de Montefalco Hacienda were incorporated into the Santa Ana Tenango Hacienda, becoming in the 19th century the most important sugar producers in the country, dominating the towns of Tlanahuac-Chalcatzingo.

The beginnings of the Santa Clara – Santa Ana – San Ignacio sugar industrial complex date back to 1616, when Don Pedro Cortés, grandson of the conquistador and fourth Marquis del Valle, leased land to Don Pedro de Aragón who established the first mill on October 20, 1618 in what is today the Hacienda de Santa Clara de Montefalco. Later in 1640, Luis Rebolledo established the first sugar mill at the Hacienda de Santa Ana Tenango. During the 18th century, this group of haciendas continued to flourish and modernize, which were consolidated into an industrial unit around 1740.

They remained in different families until reaching 1908-1909, when the Amatzinac Valley was dominated by a single owner, Luis García Pimientel, who controlled these three haciendas and their dependencies, which covered 68,157 ha. Including practically the entire Amatzinac Valley, becoming the largest estate in Morelos.

During the Revolution, the Zapatista forces burned down the Hacienda de San Ignacio, which remained in ruins until 1960, when its previous owner began to rebuild it. Currently this beautiful hacienda, originally built as a sugar factory, has been converted into a resting place with countless beautiful corners and details that allow you to enjoy the climate of the place in an incomparable atmosphere of peace and tranquility, listening from time to time. when some of the stories and legends that still circulate among the population.

La Hacienda de San Ignacio is the perfect space for any social event; weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, first communions, birthdays, family reunions, spiritual retreats, etc.

It has:

  • - Parking.
  • - Welcome cocktail garden.
  • - Garden for main banquet.
  • - Area to mount children's area.
  • - 200 m2 multipurpose covered room.
  • - Covered area for kitchen and bar with all services.
  • - Worship chapel located on the outside with capacity for 140 people or atrium on the esplanade for 350 people.

We have a package tailored to what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Wifi
  • Gardens
  • Pool
  • Volleyball court
  • Fronton
  • Padle tennis
  • Swings for children
  • Main dining room
  • Garden dining room
  • Kitchen diner
  • Principal lounge
  • Games area
  • Access to Private Gold Field (Adittional cost)


Check-in: 15:00
Check-out: 13:00

Children of any age can be accommodated.

No Pets Allowed.

Hacienda San Ignacio accepts cash and Wire Bank Transfers only.